Spartan Tech offers many types of services, for all sorts of equipment

Please visit often, this list is always quickly expanding

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Personal Computers

  • Initial setup from out-of-box
  • Diagnostics / Troubleshooting
  • Tune-Ups and other optimizations for maximum performance
  • Virus/Spyware/Adware/Scamware/Phishing detection and permanent removal
  • Repair damaged Windows operating systems from corrupted or dangerous software which never was, or has, been removed properly
  • Replacing defective components in your computer, such as DVD drives
  • Security holes can be detected then repaired to prevent the spread of your personal information, even on social sites such as FaceBook and YouTube
  • Assembly of individual components to create a machine that fits your needs, such as a gaming desktop computer, a streamlined home entertainment pc, a simple but functional business desktop, even a high-performance workstation for video/image editing



  • First-time installation or reinstallation of nearly all software available in all fields of interest including financial, utility, multimedia, programming, graphic arts, even the latest games.  Some examples are Intuit Quicken / TurboTax / QuickBooks, Microsoft Office including OutLook, NortonNERO, Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, BattleField 3.
  • Clean and permanent removal of titles that may be interfering with proper functionality of your computer (slowdowns, crashes, failed updates, data corruption)
  • Custom configuring available nearly all software mentioned to meet your demands
  • Optimizations for maximum performance
  • Security holes can be detected then repaired to prevent the spread of your personal information, even on social sites such as FaceBook and YouTube



  • Diagnostics / Troubleshooting
  • Close security holes and maximize protection of your information
  • Optimization of network bandwidth to provide balanced or maximum speed
  • Add more devices to your network, including printers, scanners, cellphones, tablets, game consoles, and hundreds of others
  • Enable or disable device sharing, i.e., so only people you trust have access
  • Increase your network range from beyond the walls of your home or business
  • Limit what devices have access, even to specific times of the day


Backups and Recovery of Data

  • Backup your whole computer to DVDs or a portable drive
  • Recover data from your computer after it stops working, even if you cannot turn it back on, then place it back in proper position after you machine is repaired, as if it never happened
  • In some cases, even recover data that has been accidentally deleted***


Peripherals, i.e. Printers, Scanners, Cameras, Copiers

  • Initial setup from out-of-box
  • Diagnostics / Troubleshooting
  • Lessons & Tutorials on how to use it to its best potential for your needs
  • If network-capable, add these to your home or business network
  • In some cases, depending on the device, add components for better performance


Home Entertainment

  • Connect devices to your television that you thought were never possible, i.e. BluRay/DVD player to your old-style TV without HDMI
  • Program your devices to function precisely the way you always wanted, i.e. reduce the number of remotes you may be using to as little as a single remote
  • Calibrate your TV for an optimal picture quality
  • Calibrate your speaker system for optimal performance

Many more options are forthcoming!

***Please Note: it is very difficult to perform data recovery, and as such there is no guarantee of success.  It is strongly recommended you perform a backup as often as necessary to prevent disasterous loss of critical data.  Many options are available, and if you are interested in knowing how you can protect yourself, please contact me

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