My name is Yianni, and I am the proud owner of Spartan Tech, founded in August 2012.

Since 2004, I have proudly served in the Hudson city area as the go-to-guy for computer knowledge and repair at Staples©®, as the Certified EASY Tech Expert.

It is my ambition to continue providing technological expertise in improving our high-tech lifestyle, without the restraints imposed many corporate work environments.  Now I can finally concentrate on the things that made me well known throughout the region: top quality, efficiency, accuracy, dependability, honesty

For the best customer experience, my extensive services are only available as an appointment-based in-home/in-office solution.

Truthfully, nearly nothing can be better than me knocking on your door taking care of all your problems, usually in a single visit,  in a fraction of the time it would have taken you to:

  1. unwire
  2. untangle
  3. packup
  4. deliver
  5. wait for repair
  6. pickup
  7. rewire
  8. hope for the best

Thus, I hope that my business can provide you the best solution for all your needs, with the best service and the best possible outcome. Too many times I have heard the stories that businesses have sacrificed the quality and precision of their work, and did not work in your best interest. This I promise will not occur with Spartan Tech!

Call or click today, and see what Spartan Tech can do for you!

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